Example Projects

While the majority of my work is covered under corporate non-disclosure, the following highlights snippets of the work available publicly. For additional details feel free to get in touch.

Discovery Workshop - Mapping Processes & Identifying Opportunities for Improvements

Conducted a week long discovery workshop to map out end to end processes and challenges faced by teams across 5 different departments. For each department, created journey maps to identify dependencies across departments and pain points faced during day to day tasks. Outcomes of the workshop included; i) process improvement opportunities, ii) opportunities priority matrix based on value vs effort, and iii) notional road map for solutions implementation.

ThemeDelta: Dynamic Segmentations over Temporal Topic Models

An information dissemination system for extracting and visualizing temporal trends, clustering, and reorganization in time-indexed textual datasets. ThemeDelta is supported by a dynamic temporal segmentation algorithm that integrates with topic modeling algorithms to identify change points where significant shifts in topics occur.

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Design Thinking Workshop - Conceptualize New Solution & Research Immersion

Using design thinking and immersive research techniques, over the course of 3 days, the workshop focused on conceptualizing new solution with end users. The first day of the workshop was spent sharing preliminary research findings, identifying challenges, scoping users need, and crafting a clear and actionable problem statement. On the second day of the workshop, using design thinking approach, participants sketched, shared, and refined solution for the problem. The last day of the workshop was spent validating wprkshop outcomes and identifying solution implementation roadmap.

Visual Analytics Tool for Exploring Industrial Systems

The Industrial Internet provides the capability of acquiring, sharing, and utilizing data from industrial assets across global networks. To exploit the data collected from industrial systems analysts use software tools to understand the data and explore insights for decision support. Through this work we explored the practices and challenges faced by the experimental interactive visualization tools built for visual data-exploration of industrial systems.

Physical/Virtual Occlusion Management Techniques for Horizontal Displays

Through this work, We evaluated unguided and guided visual search performance for a set of techniques that mitigate occlusion between physical and virtual objects on a tabletop display. We observed performance is different depending on the visual display, suggesting a tradeoff between management strength and visual space deformation.

Interactive Decision Making - Preventing Utility Outages

Power outages due to trees is a major issue for Utilities. Through this work we used interactive visualization techniques to present outage prediction information to utility crew. The application helps utility crew with decision making regarding proactive prevention of power outages.

Stack Zooming - A Multi-focus Interaction Technique

Information visualization shows tremendous potential for helping both expert and casual users alike make sense of temporal data, but current time series visualization tools provide limited support for comparing several foci in a temporal dataset while retaining context and distance awareness. We introduce a method for supporting this kind of multi-focus interaction that we call stack zooming. The approach is based on the user interactively building hierarchies of 1D strips stacked on top of each other, where each subsequent stack represents a higher zoom level, and sibling strips represent branches in the visual exploration. Correlation graphics show the relation between stacks and strips of different levels, providing context and distance awareness among the focus points.

Graphical Perception of Multiple Time Series

Line graphs have been the visualization of choice for temporal data ever since the days of William Playfair (1759-1823), but realistic temporal analysis tasks often include multiple simultaneous time series. This work explores user performance for comparison, slope, and discrimination tasks for different line graph techniques involving multiple time series. Our results could influence a wide range of disciplines where temporal datasets are viewed and analyzed.

Analyzing Flow of Energy from Source to Consumers

We consume energy from all different type of sources. Understanding distribution of energy consumption and its source could help plan for sustainable sources. Through this work we created an interactive system that allows users to interactively dwell into details regarding energy sources and its consumption.

Evaluating Awareness and Coordination in Mixed-Presence Collaborative Information Visualization

Mixed-presence groupware provide a shared workspace medium that supports this combination of colocated and distributed collaboration. However, collaborative visualization systems for such distributed settings have their own cost and are still uncommon in the visualization community. Thhis work presents Hugin, a novel layer-based graphical framework for this kind of mixed-presence synchronous collaborative visualization over digital tabletop displays.

Visualizing Enterprise ERP Data Sources

Understanding data flow between different data sources and ERP system for a large organization could be really challenging. Through the use of noval visualizations, we developed an interactive system to improve user understanding of such connected data sources.

Evaluating the Role of Time in Investigative Analysis of Document Collections

Time is a universal and essential aspect of data in any investigative analysis. It helps analysts establish causality, build storylines from evidence, and reject infeasible hypotheses. we conducted an insight-based qualitative study to investigate the influence of temporal visualization on investigative analysis. We found that visualizing temporal information helped participants externalize chains of events.